Tuesday, 25 March 2014

We have relocated ;)

Hello people!

After years of blogging here I have decided to get a more professional looking site and import to wordpress. For those of you who have been following my journey, I started out making jewelry in 2009 as a hobby that turned into an obsession. Well a good one that is ;) I was still in campus studying Environmental Health and could not wait to finish and pursue Fashion seriously.

I wanted to learn how to make clothes from start to finish, perfect my sketching, designing, pattern drafting and the whole 9 yards. I enrolled in Fashion College in June 2011 and went on until November 2012. A few months in, I could make clothes and everything so eventually in 2013 I started making garments for my friends and eventually started taking orders from other clients.

It started getting pretty overwhelming since I was doing everything myself; sewing, delivering, marketing, blogging et al so in February 2014 I employed someone else to come on board. Yes! Iquira has one employee! ;) I am in the process of growing my line and working on ready to wear pieces. Worry not,there the tailored to fit option is still there, so regardless of your size and body type we will have something made to your measurements.

To maximize on online sales, I decided to get a site that would make it easier to blog and still handle the shopping option. So for this reason, this is my last post here *sob* sob* seeing as the site is up and running. I am still working on it to make improvements here and there, but you can still go there to see what we will be up to in the near future. My plan is to have a brick and mortar store sometime this year, so I can interact with my clients and avail my accessories and clothes physically to you guys.

As much as change is hard, it's essential for growth and I am all about exploration and adventure.

Thanks for the support and the love, see you at www.iquirakenya.com ;)

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hello there

Hi friends!

Hope your year is going great, mine is. Pretty busy, finally working on getting my clothing line off the ground. For those of you who are wondering what happened to my bikram yoga challenge, I hurt my ankle pretty badly after the 3rd week of the challenge so I was not able to continue. I actually had to sit out until last month, and I am loving being back at yoga. There is another 30 day challenge coming in April, hoping to do that then. Will keep you posted ;)

Well..about that clothing line..As some of you may know, I have been making custom made clothes for the last 7 months for my friends and random new clients. I am currently working on a new line, with a photo shoot coming up early next month that will have both my jewelry and clothes. Pretty excited about that, it's been a long time coming!

Meanwhile, this is what I have been up to since the last time you heard from me.

Made these outfits ;)
Thanks for reading ;)

Thursday, 10 October 2013


Day 7
Nothing much to report, just super exhausted. spent most of my afternoon asleep.

Day 8
Had a pretty good class, the dizziness subsided and managed to go deeper into poses and hold for longer than usual. I actually held the pose below throughout!

Awkward pose

In other news, I have been having the weirdest of cravings, foods that I do not even usually think about. Here were the two that were top of the list ;). I will not go into detail, let's just say I succumbed to one of the cravings on day 9 *side eye*.

Day 9
I woke up sore as hell yesterday morning, the problematic area was my bum! I was even walking funny at some point but by afternoon I was good. I think this pose is to blame.

Standing Bow pulling pose 

My girls came for the 5 pm class with me, (we have not been in the same class since day 3) so that made for a fun class of giggles. The class was super packed, with some guys almost poking each other's eyes out during some poses. Then that meant with all of us packed in there it was hot as hell. Half way during the class my face got so hot I felt like I would explode. Was I glad when 90 minutes was over.

On a positive note, I notice my postures are improving and that is motivation enough to keep going. I have never been able to sit in between my legs all year but I managed to yesterday...for all of 5 seconds before I felt like my hip joint would break. So looking forward to today's class so I can hopefully sit for 10 seconds ;) Gradual progress right?

Enjoy your day, and thanks for stopping by.



Sunday, 6 October 2013


Day 3:
I missed day 3 due to errands and traffic so that means I have to do doubles to make up for that ;(

Day 4:
So my priority was to make it to class because I knew if I missed another class it would be hard to get back into the groove. So I did the evening class on Friday and still needed to take a break half way through the class. Well I survived and as usual loved the high afterwards!

Day 5:
I did the 4pm class and despite sitting out in the middle, had lots of energy towards the end of the class. For the first time ever I did not realise the class had come to an end! The fact that it was a Saturday made it much more worth it for me, nothing is as satisfying as being strong enough to choose yoga over a drinking plan!
PS. My plan is to avoid alcohol this whole month, bikram is dehydrating enough for me, adding alcohol to that mix will just be a recipe for disaster. I find that on some days I am still feeling sluggish even after 2.5 litres of water. I plan on increasing my water intake to 3 litres daily from now on and see if there will be a change in my body.

Day 6:
So that was today, I decided to do the 10am class so that I could have the rest of my Sunday to relax at home and catch up on my napping ;) I am super exhausted half the time but I am told that will pass, it is just the body responding to all the toxins being flushed out during class. Taking a 2 month break from yoga clearly has taken me back to square one! Hopefully never again.

Well today was my most difficult class since February. I was super nauseous 15 minutes in and for the first time ever I wanted to leave the room. I felt like I would puke on my poor class mates but I opted to sit down and the feeling passed after a while. I got a scolding from the instructor since she noticed I sat out yesterday as well but I ignored her. One thing I have learnt is to listen to my body. Nobody knows what you are going through but you, and sometimes pushing yourself excessively might cause more harm than good. At that point in time I had to choose between listening to my body or puking all over the place and spoiling everybody's class.
I am hoping increasing my water intake will help with the nausea and dizziness. In addition, after doing some reading, I might have to take some Sodium or Potassium supplements to replace what I am losing during class and help reduce the nausea. I am hoping it will not come to that though! All in all, I am proud of myself for making it this far. Although I had a difficult class today, I stayed in the room and pushed through.

Ready for day 7 tomorrow, catch you later, thanks for stopping by!



Thursday, 3 October 2013


 I have been doing Bikram yoga on and off since February this year and it has been an amazing experience! Apart from being the inspiration behind my new line of yoga bags, it has given me peace of mind along with clarity in many aspects of my life.

So, as I had mentioned before, after realizing how much stuff you need to carry to a class, I decided to design a bag that would fit everything all at once. You require 2 towels, your toiletries, your yoga clothes, and of course your yoga mat! I found that all the bags available only accommodated the mat so you still needed to carry one or two other bags for your other items. So I came up with this!

You can find the bags at the Acacia/Power yoga studio at Viking House in Westlands for only 4,000 bob.

So...Back to the topic at hand ;) I have not been consistent in my practice therefore when I had about the 30 day challenge in October, I cleared my social schedule and signed up with two of my friends. The challenge means 30 consecutive days of yoga and  if for whatever reason you miss a class, you have to do two classes in a day to make up for that. Well Bikram yoga is tough, hot, challenging, and on some days you want to scream and punch somebody. You sweat like nobody's business and I have learnt I have sweat pores in places I never knew existed. You will want to cry and run out of class sometimes but the best part is how you feel when the class is over and you leave the room. There is a high that I cannot explain. Not to mention the awesome sleep and everything else that follows. Your skin is flawless, your body gets stronger, you get toned, your skin is healthier, you eat healthier, and if you are patient and consistent the weight melts away!

 I decided to document my journey here just to motivate me and monitor my progress. Well I have done two classes so far and my body is sore as hell. Looking forward to day 3 of class this evening. See you tomorrow and thanks for stopping by!



Sunday, 4 August 2013


The past few months have been extremely busy for iQuira, with various craft fairs happening around town. I have also been working on a new line of accessories that are finally ready for sale!

I started with two designs; a sling bag and a yoga bag. I have been doing Bikram yoga on and off since February this year and if you have been to a class, you know how much luggage students carry into the studio. The obvious one is the yoga bag, you need your comfortable yoga clothes to change into, a bottle of water, the toiletries and at least two towels.

This is plenty of stuff, especially if you are coming from the office and have your office paraphernalia with you and your usual handbag. At some point you end up carrying up to 3 different bags to class! As usual I start by solving problems for myself so I started by making a yoga bag that would just fit my yoga mat.

It could only fit a mat and a towel when I pushed it to the limit. As you can see, it also did not have a zip therefore exposing the contents to all and sundry.

After a while, I decided to improve on it and design a bag that would fit a lot more stuff, and also one that was appealing to the eye. African fabric is still all the rage right now so I decided to explore that route and went with Ghanian kente.

I can now safely say that the bag fits a water bottle, yoga mat, yoga clothes, toilet bag and has an inside compartment big enough to fit a phone, wallet and keys.  

Here are some of the designs!

Oh and they have zips now so that problem is solved ;)

Like what you see? Shop at www.iquira.kbo.co.ke or email me at wangari@iquirakenya.com to place an order.

Do have a lovely week ahead and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


After a loooong hiatus iQuira is back with a bang! A lot of soul searching has been happening in the last 6 months and I must say the soul has been found ;) ;)

First order of business is the  many craft shows and exhibitions we will be participating in this coming month. The first of the many is the Wambui Mukenyi annual sale happening on the 1st of June at the Hibiscus Hall in Serena. Last year's was a huge success and I had lots of fun meeting and mingling with other designers and fashion lovers. Be sure to be there this year for fabulous discounts and deals from Wambui Mukenyi's line and the rest of us!

Think you will not make it on Saturday but want some retail therapy? Worry not. The next day; the 2nd of June for the first time ever, that edition of Blankets and Wine will be a craft edition!!! I will be one of the designers exhibiting and I am super excited to accessorize as many of you as possible!

Oh and since I am in a generous mood, first 20 buyers on both days get a complimentary organza bag to safely store your loot :) 

See you guys and thanks for stopping by!